Maricel Soriano Reveals Bout With Depression, Strives To Move On

MANILA, Philippines-Award-winning actress Maricel Soriano has admitted that she suffered from depression while in hiatus for two years.

In an exclusive interview with Korina Sanchez for "Rated K" which airs tomorrow night, Nov. 11, Maricel said that no one can prepare himself for depression though it could change your life for the better if one struggles to rise above it.

"Kinalaban ko talaga kasi pag hindi, siguro up to now nandudun pa din ako, malungkot pa rin ako. Ayoko nang maging malungkot, gusto ko na talaga maging masaya," she said in the interview parts of which were aired on "TV Patrol" Nov 9.

The actress did not detail what caused her depression, only that "ang daming nangyari sa akin" including her mom's death in 2009. In the course of the interview, it was also hinted that the depression may have been due, too, to matters of the heart.

"Sa puso...may lamat. Ang tindi ng lamat," said she, adding later on that she reached the point when she felt "parang makina ako."

That phase in her life is over and Maricel is better than ever. She said that sometimes people really need to step back, to take "time out," as she puts it, in order to emerge "mabuting-mabuti" eventually.

Asked to compare how she has changed as a person from 10 years ago, Maricel described her former self "nababawan ako sa kanya."

"Ayun ang tingin ko kay Maria noon," the actress said.

The most recent movie that starred Maricel was the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" where she won the best actress award. She is set to return on the boob tube via an ABS-CBN series.