Mariel Rodriguez slams netizens wishing ill on her daughter

17 Jan – Actress Mariel Rodriguez has recently blasted netizens for dragging her child into their ire against her husband, actor Robin Padilla.

As reported on Push, on 15 January, Rodriguez posted a long message on Instagram, expressing her frustration with some IG users who decided that calling Padilla racist for scolding a Korean contestant Kim Ji-wan on "Pilipinas Got Talent" is not enough that they should be including his baby daughter Isabella too.

In the post, she first defended the actor, saying, "Robin was being true to himself. Robin will sacrifice himself for the Philippines. It's very hard to understand his passion when it comes to his love for the country. After his love for Allah, his people, more than family, more than self, more than anything (except God), is his love for the Philippines."

Rodriguez stated that people can see from the whole clip that the actor was being a fair judge when it comes to the talent of the Korean contestant, and even told Kim to regard his words as an advice from a father.

"So what do you guys do? You're shaming my innocent daughter. It's okay to get your opinion out, it's your opinion. But my daughter is innocent. Below the belt. NO mother should ever receive ill-wishes for her child no matter what the circumstances are," she added.

Rodriguez said that Islam is about intention, and that while Padilla has no intention to cause anyone pain, his critics rather prefer sending hate to the whole family including their baby daughter

"While you guys are bashing away, Robin is busy rebuilding Marawi - people with real problems!" she posted, and added that she will stand by her husband 100 percent.

(Photo Source: Mariel Rodriguez Instagram)