Maris Racal inspires with new Bisaya-Tagalog anthem ‘Asa Naman’

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THE year 2021 seems to be a great year for pop superstar Maris Racal. Her single “Ate Sandali” has more than 30 million views on Tiktok, and nearly 100,000 video uploads from users from all walks of life.

It is a welcome surprise that Racal and her Balcony Entertainment family released an all-new follow-up single “Asa Naman” on Sept. 15 on all digital music platforms.

Produced and co-written by Rico Blanco, “Asa Naman” is stylistically more of a driving pop/rock ditty, oozing-with driving beats and rhythms, ultra-catchy hooks and still, with trademark layers of synths electronic, while still being able to retain the sense of musical adventurousness. Most notably, it is also a homage to Racal’s Bisaya roots, as the proud Tagum City native shares.

“It all started when Rico suggested I write an entire song in Bisaya,” Maris recounted, when asked to describe the new track which fuses both Tagalog and Bisaya words effortlessly. “It was appealing to me of course, but I was also worried that not everyone would understand it, so after a fair share of discussions (and even debates...), I decided that the verses would be in Tagalog and that the choruses would be in Bisaya.”

Needless to say, “Asa Naman” is set not only to keep the proverbial ball rolling but is a track that will solidify Racal as one of the most versatile artists out there today. (PR)

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