Mark Ruffalo loves the Elmer Padilla-created Hulk

23 Oct - Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo recently gave a shout out to Filipino action figure make, Elmer Padilla for sending him a unique custom-made Incredible Hulk doll.

As reported on InterAksyon, "The Avengers" star, who posted a photo with the action figure on Twitter, wrote, "Believe it or not, this #Hulk doll is made out of recycled tsinelas (that's Tagalog for flip-flops)."

"Elmer Padilla made this for me so I just wanted to give a nice shout out. Not only is this inventively creative, but it's sustainable and just pure awesome! Thank you Elmer!," he added.

Padilla, a native of Samar, has attracted the world's attention with his creativity by making action figures out of the footwear, which is made from rubber material. He also sells the dolls on the streets for an extra income, which is how it went viral in the first place.

In a previous interview, he mentioned that he was inspired to make the dolls because of the flexibility of the material, as well as its colours.

Other characters that he made before include Deadpool, Predator, and Japan's Mobile Suit Gundam.

(Photo source: Mark Ruffalo Twitter)