Marveling at Komba’s mountain history

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Marveling at Komba’s mountain history

East Manggarai in East Nusa Tenggara is home to a number of physical structures from the ancient past as well as a rough, pristine environment. Both have more or less stood the test of time perhaps because not many know of their charm.

In Kota Komba district’s Watunggene stands a 4-meter tall megalithic stone and another gigantic one which resembles a woman’s breasts. Locals call them Batu Megalitik (megalithic stone) and Watu Susu Rongga (Rongga  milk stone) respectively.

Located at the hillside of Komba mountain, visitors need to make an effort to reach them, either by a four-hour walk along the mountain's talus or a horse ride that will take about three hours.

According to site owner Gaspar Jala, a chief of the local Ngeli tribe, legend has it that during a war in Komba, a big hole formed between Komba mountain and other smaller mountains. The ancestors then took the initiative to seal it using two large stones.

During the sealing process, which began with the stones being lifted from their original location in a seaside area, it was required that everyone should keep silent and not utter any profane words.

But as they arrived in Komba mountain's talus, a woman who was unaware of this rule swore rudely. Upon this, nobody could lift the stones and they are stuck in the ground until today.

Horse trekking is the favorite choice of travel for tourists visiting the historical site, thanks to the gorgeous vista of Mausui field and that of thousands of horses eating grass along the path.

The region’s other beauty spots are its Wewole beach and Inerie mountain in Ngada regency

The experience is usually sealed with a glorious view of the sunset.

Near Bagu Megalitik lie other historical sites, such as an ancestral cemetery, and an old tomb of Komba war heroes Jawa Tu, as well as the gravesites of another war hero Nai Pati and that of Jawa Tu’s wife.

The Komba Mountain can be reached from Labuan Bajo by car with local tours.

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