Massachusetts Teacher Begs Students to Wear Masks Ahead of Harry Styles Concert

A Massachusetts teacher pleaded with her students to wear their face masks properly to ensure that she would not get COVID-19 before the Harry Styles concert scheduled for October 25 in Boston.

Mrs Hayes is a beloved teacher at Revere High School and known by many of her students as a massive Harry Styles fan.

“Everyone cover your noses, because I am not getting COVID. Because I want to see Harry Styles in concert,” Hayes says in a video recorded by one of her students, Lenise Patricia Gomes De Melo.

“She would do anything to make her students smile. She’s always positive and we love that about her,” Gomes De Melo told Storyful. “She is one of my favorite teachers just because of how she cares about her students,” she said. Credit: Lenise Patricia Gomes De Melo via Storyful

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