Get Matched! Tips for creating an online dating profile

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In today’s current setup, meeting people you matched with through online dating apps may be a tad risky but there’s no harm in creating an online dating profile. That is, unless you’re totally in a committed relationship but opt to make one anyway (I’m not talking about you, Miguel!).

For those who are looking for love or companionship, here are some tips on creating the “perfect” online dating profile.

Be yourself

As cheesy and corny as this tip may sound to you, it is still worth repeating because it is important: Just be yourself.

How you present yourself virtually is like a mirror or a glimpse of how you truly are in real life. Don’t try to make yourself into someone you’re not just to impress possible matches.

If you’re a shy person, then place it on your bio, possibly a statement like “I’m honestly a shy person but hey, I’m willing to go out of my shell if we click!”

Try to be conversational even if being in an online dating app is quite uncomfortable for you.

Be honest

There’s nothing worse than matching with someone dishonest.

Take Miguel for an example. He created a profile and said that he was single. But because women and their friends are extraordinarily good at finding things people swore nobody would find out, Miguel’s secret had been exposed. He was not single and was in a relationship with a woman for over a year. Oh, the audacity!

Being honest, even in dating apps, is a reflection of your intentions, of your personality. At the same time, by honestly stating your purpose and intention, chances are you’ll meet the right match for you without going around the bush.

If you’re looking for love, put it out on your bio but manage your expectations; don’t expect to find real and genuine love. If you’re looking for hookups, then put it out there that you’re not looking for anything long-term. It’s the 21st century and the last thing we want to do is waste other people’s time. Lay your cards and be honest with your emotional availability.

Show recent and high-quality photos

Please, companies are not improving smartphones and enhancing their built-in cameras just for you to post grainy and outdated photos of yourself!

Okay, you may be camera-shy, but there must be recent photos of you out there—and no, not the stolen ones.

In posting photos, remember the following:

  • The more, the better

  • Show, don’t tell

  • Upload photos strategically

  • Smile

Go beyond the simple smiling headshot because that’s boring. Posting selfies might be a little too narcissistic, too.

What you can do is, for your first photo, upload something casual. It could be you by the beach or on the bar. Just make sure you’re smiling and that your face can be seen. Second, show people a hobby or something you enjoy. Do you like planting? Upload a photo of you tending the garden! In the third photo, flaunt your body. It doesn’t matter what body type you are; what matters is how you carry yourself. So go on, put it on display!

Last but not the least, do away with photos that have filters on your face. Also, don’t upload too many photos of you wearing sunglasses. Don’t try to hide behind those frames!

Break the ice

Being on the online dating scene may be a little awkward for some, so instead of sending the first message in agony, put an icebreaker on your bio that will naturally lead one to answer it. Hence, a natural conversation!

For example, if you’re traveling, you can put something in you bio like, “Looking for the best kimbap in Seoul, any leads?”

Grammar check, please!

It’s a teeny, tiny thing but it can be a real eye-twitch to some people. However, the beauty of being bi-lingual is that you can opt to use the language you’re more comfortable with.

If you’re more comfortable with speaking Bisaya, then hey, have a go in finding love with the same mother tongue as you! That way, the humor is more on the same page.

Characters, not characteristics

In being honest and stating your purpose, you might want to add who you want to meet or match with.

Each one of us has an ideal type, and through manifestations—or simply stating it on your bio—you’re bound to cross paths.

If you’re into someone who loves outdoor activities, then you may want to put, “I enjoy standing at the peak of the mountain every once in a while. Care to share the view with me next time?”

Diving into the online dating world is a real rollercoaster ride. It’s messy, perplexing, but exciting, exhilarating, and most definitely fun!

Take your time in getting to know your matches. Just remember to put your best foot forward without faking anything. Enjoy the ride and live vicariously!

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