Matteo Guidicelli used to allegations of using his girlfriend

9 Nov - Matteo Guidicelli has nothing to say anymore to bashers who are claiming he is using his popular girlfriend Sarah Geronimo for his own gain.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the singer, who is promoting his new album and upcoming concert, told the media recently that he is already used to all the criticisms and allegations.

"I'm not going to be affected because I know the truth with what I'm doing. That's why we are not working with each other. We make it a point that we don't work together," he said.

He added that both he and Geronimo know the truth about their relationship, and won't let people's comments affect them.

Guidicelli also stressed that he has never intentionally mentioned Geronimo in any of his interviews unless he was asked about the pop princess by reporters.

"Last night, when I called MJ [Felipe], I said, 'Let's talk about the music. Let's not talk about Sarah.' But how can we decline? We are talking. It's a normal thing. It's nothing bad, nothing good. It's just being honest and being real," he said.

(Photo source: Matteo Guidicelli Instagram)