May the fourth be with you at Cebu Sabersturm Academy

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The force is strong in Cebu because Cebu Sabersturm Academy is here to help you unleash your inner Jedi—or Sith. They don’t judge.

Cebu Sabersturm Academy was established in 2017 by Xericho “X” Monte de Ramos and Jumps Malgapo with the intent of using sword fighting as a sports alternative to improve one’s health. Its dueling fundamentals are based primarily on a combination of Historical European Martial Arts (Hema) and single-stick Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).

The group calls this combination the “Sabersturm System,” which it officially defines as “a striking-weapon-based mixed martial arts discipline and sport [that uses] duel-grade lightsabers.” This system was developed for recreational body conditioning, and organized sport dueling to promote self-confidence, focus, innovation and brotherhood.

And brotherhood is exactly one of the many things that keeps people coming back to Sabersturm’s training sessions because these sessions aren’t just training sessions; they are bonding moments where everyone can kick back and relax after a busy week—while still putting on quite the workout. Some members come and go, but the regulars include X, Royani Yap, Siegfried Agor, Jane Vestil, Robert Tiu Jr. and Logan Morrow.

As of today, May 4, 2022—a.k.a. “Star Wars Day’’—Cebu Sabersturm Academy only holds small-group outdoor training sessions in compliance with basic Covid-19 health protocols. The training sessions are free, and participants are encouraged to bring their own saber or stick, though the group does offer lightsabers for rent.

Each session generally lasts between two to three hours and starts with a moderately strenuous physical warm-up that includes stretching and cardio exercises. It is followed by a review of the basic offensive and defensive stances, and the strikes and guards generally used during a duel.

At the end of each session, members challenge each other to lightsaber duels. The easy availability of duel-grade lightsabers made out of aircraft-grade aluminum hilts and polycarbonate blades makes it a safe, fun and eye-catching dueling experience.

Cebu Sabersturm Academy is a regular at most local geek conventions and is best known for its lightsaber dueling tournaments. Stay updated via the Cebu Sabersturm Academy Facebook page, where geeks and nerds are most welcome.

May the fourth be with you, Cebu, and Happy Star Wars Day!

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