Mayor Chiong during Soca: City of Naga to build 150-bed hospital

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A 150-BED hospital will soon rise at what is now the Vicente Mendiola Center for Health Infirmary in the City of Naga in southern Cebu.

Mayor Valdemar Chiong made the announcement during his State of the City Address (Soca) on Monday, September 5, 2022, which coincided with the 15th anniversary of the City’s Charter Day.

Chiong said the City Government will allocate between P160 million and P180 million for the project, which will be called the City of Naga Hospital.

He said they plan to hold the groundbreaking of the project in November.

However, the City still has to conduct a pre-bidding conference and the bidding proper, as well as go through the procurement process, he said.

Barring any hitches, the new hospital should be completed in 2023, the mayor said.

During his Soca, Chiong was proud to announce that 470 scholars of the City Government recently graduated from college.

Chiong launched the scholarship program back when he was mayor in 2012.

The City Government currently has 1,138 scholars.

Chiong also said that the City’s around 500 job order employees will receive a pay hike of P20 per day, or from P389 to P400 wage daily.

The mayor said the City of Naga will be able to come up with more developments that will benefit citizens if the city is united. (PAC/PJB)