Mayor Gullas appeals to constituents: Don’t aimlessly throw waste

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TALISAY City, Cebu Mayor Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas Jr. has asked his constituents to properly dispose of their plastic waste following the heavy flooding that occurred in Barangay Bulacao during a downpour on Thursday morning, May 27, 2021.

The local executive, in his official Facebook page, said the flooding along the national highway in Bulacao was “surprising” because rains in the past days never caused any flooding in the area after the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) 7 had completed some drainage projects there months back.

Gullas said “tons and tons” of trash, mostly plastic, were found in the city’s drainage, blocking the rainwater flow during the downpour.

This problem had existed before Gullas began his term in 2019. One of the first moves he made when he assumed the post of mayor was the creation of Aksyon Agad Team, a quick response unit that is dispatched to solve his constituents’ common problems, including clogged canals and waterways.

“Despite our efforts to help mitigate flooding in Bulacao through infrastructure, flooding will still occur as long as we are indiscriminate in throwing our garbage,” Gullas said.

He asked the DPWH 7 and its contractors to inspect the condition of their drainage projects in Bulacao.

Thursday’s flood stranded residents and commuters.

Gullas apologized that the flooding in Talisay City had inconvenienced people, including workers.

He asked his constituents to help the City Government in mitigating the flooding problem by being disciplined themselves.

“I am again appealing to our constituents to help us in solving the flooding problem by not throwing your garbage indiscriminately. Masolbad ra gyud ni nato if magtinabangay ta (We can solve this if we help each other). Let’s make it our shared responsibility,” Gullas said. (ANV)

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