Mayor Isko asks Manilenyos to refrain from using firecrackers

Marje Pelayo

MANILA, Philippines – Mayor Isko Domagoso has appealed to his constituents to refrain from using firecrackers on the eve of New Year.

Instead, he recommends the use of alternative to firecrackers during merry making such as trumpets, metal basins, and cauldrons for noise barrage.

He also advised parents not to let their children go outdoors to keep safe from firecrackers and stray bullets.

The Mayor emphasized on the damage these firecrackers and the burning of rubber tires can cause to the environment and the human health thus he appealed to refrain from doing it.

He ordered all barangay officials and members of the Manila Police District (MPD) to be watchful and make sure that peace and order is maintained across the city on the course of the year-end revelry.

Emergency personnel were also tasked to stand by as they used to during this season.

All hospitals across the city of Manila are also on alert in time for the merry makings.

Mayor Isko likewise emphasized to everyone to refrain from picking any firecrackers that failed as they might still explode.

“Minsan kasi may mga paputok na hindi pumuputok. Madalas diyan may mga naaksidenteng bata, (Some firecrackers fail to explode which commonly hurts children,)” the Mayor said.

“Kung hindi ko kayo mapigilang magpaputok, pagkatapos ng putukan, makikisuyo lang na buhusan ng tubig (If I cannot stop you from using firecrackers, please wet those which failed to avoid harm,)” he added.

Mayor Isko stressed that so far, the city government has recorded a total of 784 fire incidents prior to the year-end revelry.

He reminds the public to check anything that could easily catch fire to avoid accidents.

Most importantly, the Mayor strictly reminds the public to never leave garbage on the roads.

He appeals for everyone’s cooperation.

“Ang isang maling nakagawian, hindi komo nakagawian na ay tama na, (What’s unacceptable is that we accept something as normal just because we got accustomed to it),” he explained.

“Minsan naghahangad tayo ng pagbabago sa buhay, naghahangad tayo ng pagbabago sa pamamahala, mapa-lokal man o nasyonal, pero wala namang masama kung tayo ay manalamin, (Sometimes we wish for change in life, in governance, may it be local or national. But there is nothing wrong with assessing ourselves first,)” he added. MNP (with details from Bernard Dadis)

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