Mayor Junjun Binay be like: "Don't you know me?" to Dasma Village security guards


Props to the security guards stationed at Dasmariñas Village in Makati for strictly implementing rules, boo to Mayor Junjun Binay for flouting them.

Binay ordered the arrest of three security guards when the guards refused to allow his four-car convoy to pass through a restricted gate on Nov. 30, reports Nancy Carvajal in Philippine Daily Inquirer. Per homeowners association rules, cars are not allowed to exit through the Banyan Road gate after 10pm. Instead, they are redirected to the Palm Avenue gate 150 meters away.

A CCTV recording of the incident was obtained by PDI and uploaded on its YouTube page (watch below).

Mayor Binay had visited his sister, Senator Nancy, a Dasmariñas Village resident. Her neighbors include many of the country's millionaires, expats and diplomats, hence the strict security measures. 

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According to the report, Binay stepped down his car and asked the security guard, "Don't you know me?"

Makati police officers armed with rifles soon arrived at the scene to lift "the gate's barrier and, shortly after, arrested the two guards and Virgilio Robang, the Dasmariñas Village security officer in charge."

Senior Supt. Manuel Lukban, Makati police chief, explained the guards were brought to the station to “verify” if their guns were properly documented. They were released after four hours.

The president of the security agency that employs the guards has sent a letter to City Hall and "apologized profusely for the incident" and ordered his men to do the same. 

SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA: Coconuts Manila thinks this awkward situation could have been avoided if Senator Nancy Binay had made a call beforehand to the homeowners association to inform them that city's mayor wanted to exit through the Banyan Road gate. If anything, these security guards should be recognized for standing their ground and bravely following rules. 

How about you, dear reader, what is your take on this?