Mayor Rama threatens to fire 3,000 more City Hall workers

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AFTER not renewing the contracts of 500 City Hall casual and job order employees on July 1, 2022, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama has threatened to fire 3,000 more employees if they will not perform their duties.

During the flag-raising ceremony at the Plaza Sugbo Monday, July 4, 2022, Rama again warned that employees should do their tasks or face termination.

“I want to announce today that if nothing improves and no program (is) being instituted, expect 3,000 employees to lose their jobs. I am serious about it,” said Rama.

Rama said there will be an evaluation after six months to determine the performance of the employees.

Currently, City Hall has 10,000 employees on its payroll, and 5,000 of them are job order workers, 3,600 are casual employees, and 1,500 are regular employees.

Rama also directed all heads of the various City Hall departments to monitor the operations in their respective offices.

“I am directing all heads, give them (employees) your cooperation, bring them where they should be. I do not wish to hear that they are not being given an assignment,” said Rama.

Rama further said that he will remove department heads who will not perform their jobs.

On July 1, Rama made good on his threats to get rid of 500 workers after he did not approve the renewal of the contracts of 500 employees who failed to pass the local government’s evaluation.

The mayor’s warning to employees started when he issued a memorandum last May 16 informing them that contracts of all coterminous, casual and job order employees would expire on June 30.

The employees must undergo an evaluation to determine if they would still be included in the city’s payroll on July 1.

Under the memo, the employees were evaluated based on the following: “kawatan (thief), tapulan (lazy), hugawan (messy), intregero (intriguer), pala-away (quarrelsome), walay nahibaw-an (ignorant), dili mo bayad og utang (does not pay debts), and mo buko-buko (backstabber).”