McDo crew members prep for coming BTS Meal madness — by dancing

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It’s pure purple madness out there, as BTS Meal madness continues to hit McDonald’s stores all over the region. Photos of crowded stores have come in from across Southeast Asia, and in Jakarta at least, police have had to step in to request that the fast food chain stop offering the limited-edition chicken nuggets sets in order to prevent delivery drivers from massing in stores trying to get their orders fulfilled.

Local BTS fans — excuse us, BTS ARMY — have to wait till June 18 for their BTS Meals (which, as far as we can tell, is just a ten-piece Chicken McNuggets box with a choice of Cajun or sweet and sour sauce, along with fries and a drink, but served in special BTS packaging).


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When that day comes, expect there to be army-sized crowds in every McDonald’s store in the country. In the meantime, however, local McDo crew members are bracing for the inevitable frenzy with a dance-off.

On TikTok, dozens of videos have been uploaded using the hashtags #mcdocrewdancechallenge and #mcdoipurpleyou, showing crew members from McDonald’s branches all over the country showing off their best Kpop moves to BTS songs. The videos have collectively amassed well over 10M views as of the night of June 10.


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Is it a marketing gimmick by a multinational behemoth? Sure it is. If anything, it’s only going to make the McDo crews even more impossibly busy when the BTS Meals launch in a week.

But if they’re about to get what’s been jokingly called ‘BTSD’, McDonald’s crew members at least want their customers to know that they’re having fun.

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