MCIA, NAIA flights cancelled due to Taal ash explosion

FOLLOWING safety concerns due to Taal Volcano's ash explosion, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) have reported of the cancellation of flights from different airlines.

These domestic flights are from Cebu to Manila and vice versa. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), together with civil aviation authorities, advised airline companies to avoid airspace around Taal volcano as airborne ash and ballistic fragments from the eruption column pose hazards to aircraft.

Flight cancellations for Monday, January 13, 2020:


Z2 767 MNL - CEB

Z2 768 CEB-MNL

Z2 773 MNL-CEB

Z2 774 CEB- MNL

Z2 512 CEB-CDO

Z2 771 MNL-CEB

Z2 772 CEB-MNL

Z2 0909 Clark-CEB

Z2 355 Tagbilaran-MNL

Z2 778 CEB-MNL

Z2 761 MNL-CEB

Z2 762 CEB-MNL

Z2 757 MNL-CEB

Z2 758 CEB-MNL

Z2 8788 CEB-MNL

Z2 8789 MNL-CEB

Z2 780 CEB-MNL

Z2 781 MNL-CEB

Z2 782 CEB-MNL

Z2 783 MNL-CEB

Z2 763 MNL-CEB

Z2 764 CEB-MNL

Z2 351 Tagbilaran- MNL

Z2 775 MNL-CEB

Z2 776 CEB-MNL

Z2 358 MNL-Tagbilaran

Z2 359 Tagbilaran-MNL


5J 619 Manila-Bohol (Tagbilaran)

5J 620 Bohol (Tagbilaran)-Manila

5J 561 Manila-Cebu

5J 551 Manila-Cebu

5J 567 Manila-Cebu

5J 563 Manila-Cebu

5J 565 Manila-Cebu

5J 562 Cebu-Manila

5J 568 Cebu-Manila

5J 564 Cebu-Manila

5J 566 Cebu-Manila

DG6177 Manila-Masbate

DG 6178 Masbate-Manila


PR 1845/1846 Manila - Cebu - Manila

PR 1836 Cebu - Manila

PR 1841/1842 Manila - Cebu - Manila

PR 2835 Manila - Cebu

The MCIA, in an advisory Sunday, January 12, said two aircraft from the Emirates and Air Niugini were diverted to MCIA due to the situation.

"We have been working with the respective airlines on disembarking the passengers to the airport departure lounges where necessary or otherwise provide onward transfer to hotels," the airport said.

"We are monitoring the situation for any further flight cancellations and diversions. Our passenger service agents are also coordinating with the different airlines to provide assistance to the affected passengers," it added.

Before going to the airport, MCIA advised the passengers to coordinate with their respective airlines for their flight schedules.

For inquiries, passengers may call the MCIA trunkline number at (032) 494-7000. (JOB)