MCWD reports decreased water level in dams

THE water level in the dams of the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) has decreased due to less rainwater in the mountains.

Data provided to SunStar Cebu show that as of June 8, 2020, water production in Jaclupan dam is now at 17,000 cubic meters per day (cmd), from the usual 33,000 cmd; Buhisan dam, at 3,800 cmd from the usual 5,000 cmd; and Cebu Manila Water Development (CMWD), 33,000 cmd, from the usual 35,000 cmd.

The CMWD is the bulk water supplier of MCWD.

MCWD information officer Edna Inocando said the decrease in water production is due to less rain in the mountains and less rainwater.

Inocando emphasized that the water level is not alarming yet and far from the critical water level.

With the rainy season approaching, Inocando expects the water production to get back to normal.

She said: “The increase of water level is gradual before it gets back to normal. Hopefully, it will be back soonest.”

Although the current water level is not yet alarming, Inocando urged consumers to continue conserving water.

She said: “If it rains, use a water catchment basin so you can also use the rainwater for cleaning the porch, the surroundings, or even for washing your clothes and cars. At least, you can also save potable water, as well on the water bill.”

As for the sectors consuming the bulk of the water in Metro Cebu, Inocando said the details had not been processed yet. (JJL)