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Adelectable comfort food is filling and satisfying when shared with family and good friends. Wherever you are in this world, even if you are eating the most expensive food, you always seek comfort food. Why is that so? Because these bring comfort, joy and nostalgia, making them worth the calories. After all, they won’t be labelled as comfort food for nothing.

If you’re looking for a place to indulge yourself with comfort food, the latest addition to Cebu City’s dining scene will surely make it to your “go-to” list.

Porterhouse Meatshop and Cafe, which opened March of this year, in the newest food trip destination in the city—J. Fortich St., Banawa—is a casual dining cafe-slash-premium meat shop.

Owned by the husband-and-wife tandem of Allan and Karen Galo, Porterhouse Meatshop and Cafe started as a dream of having their own food establishment where they can serve and share their favorite comfort food from their travels. It was the lockdown, which deprived them from eating out that pushed them to make this dream come true.

Using their family recipe, and inspired by their favorite comfort foods, the duo was able to create a menu that will satiate one’s palate. Aside from its meaty mains, all-breakfast meals, appetizers, desserts, sandwiches and pastas are also being served. As well as refreshing drinks and coffee selections.

The couple also saw the demand of meat delivery during the lockdown that helped them conceptualize the meat shop-and-cafe concept which is also ideal for their chosen location that is a residential area.

This concept guarantees premium quality meat for Porterhouse Meatshop and Cafe’s food menu like its best-selling Montreal pork steak and Porterhouse BBQ pork ribs as it only offers premium cut and highly-selected meat.

As for its interior, Karen said that she wanted it to be homey and cozy where you can comfortably indulge yourself with your order without feeling embarrassed.

“Usually, when you say steak, it is served in a fancy place with candle light. Here, we want our customers to enjoy their food until the last bite like how they enjoy it at home for a more filling and satisfying experience,” she happily shared.

The 22-seater cafe is bright, clean and modern, filled with all things nice like its rattan basket-designed chandeliers, collector’s tea cup sets on display, and some plants to complete the look. For those who prefer to eat outside, tables and chairs that can accommodate up to eight people are also available and that includes its unique hanging chairs and wooden table set that are good for two.

Porterhouse Meatshop and Cafe, which is a pet-friendly cafe also highlights its five-star customer service where customers are really being accommodated from time to time. Karen candidly shared that she is strict but in a nice way when it comes to customer service because she wants to treat their customers how they want to be treated whenever they eat out.

“As much as we want to heed the call of our growing customers to expand our place, we want to keep it intimate to be able to accommodate them right away whenever they need anything,” she said.

Just like any other service and business, customer service is one of the factors why customers prefer this place over the other. At Porterhouse Meatshop and Cafe, its waiters are just one call away and always serve their customers with a smile on their faces.

Porterhouse Meatshop and Cafe is open every day from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.

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