Medellin localizes IATF guidelines, protocols

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THE Municipal Government of Medellin in Cebu has issued Executive Order (EO) 2021-060 that localized the guidelines and protocols set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) to continuously curb the Covid-19 cases in town.

The new EO, which has been implemented since September 3, stressed the mandatory isolation of coronavirus-positive residents, while their close contacts are directed to stay separately from the infected individuals for 14 days.

Medellin Mayor Joven Mondigo Jr. told SunStar Cebu that aside from the town’s two isolation facilities, he also designated 20 Yolanda housing units for residents who have tested negative for coronavirus but have to stay away for 14 days, especially those who have nowhere to stay.

He said these residents are allowed to go outside for essential reasons, such as work or business, but they should stay in a separate house or facility until the 14-day period is completed.

Another isolation facility of Kalahi is also under construction in Medellin, Mondigo said.

He said the infected residents who were allowed to stay at home were monitored by the Rural Health Unit (RHU) and barangay health workers during their quarantine.

The affected families were given food assistance and other necessities by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office.

Mondigo said barangay officials were assigned to deploy their tanods (village watchmen) in areas where there are Covid-19 cases to ensure that these individuals do not go outside their homes.

He said the number of Covid-19 cases in Medellin has decreased starting last week. The town saw a surge in cases in July and August.

Mondigo believes that the Delta variant of Sars-CoV-2 was the cause of the rapid increase of Covid-19 cases in the town in previous months, stressing that Medellin’s average number of cases was only 20 from June 2020 to June 2021, but in August this year, they recorded 200 cases.

He said most of the family members of Covid-19 patients have also turned out to be positive for the virus.

"Atong nakita run, diri sa Medellin, all the indications Delta gyud, but it would be premature to say nga di man official. Grabe kaayo kapaspas man ang strain, so definitely, di mani pareha sa una," Mondigo said.

As of September 14, Medellin logged a total of 111 active Covid-19 cases, 435 recoveries, and 29 deaths. The total confirmed cases was at 575. (MVE)

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