Meet Coloura: Music, love, and the in-between

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CEBU’S local music scene remains as vibrant as ever even with the pandemic slowly coming to its end. And with gigs starting to pop up here and there, fans can only expect new and refreshing talents to start appearing as well.

Cebu’s music scene has always been one-of-a-kind. Built upon by homegrown talents who have been constantly growing by performing in gigs every night, the local music scene has transformed into one that is diverse, flavorful, and worth looking into. And speaking of which, for fans craving new music to listen; a band worth looking into is Coloura.

Coloura is a progressive indie alternative rock band composed of local talents Jake Relacion, Robert Lim, Ziv Zoleta and Emil Baleva. They have been making a splash in Cebu’s local music scene as far back as 2016. Starting as a cover band, they found their way into the hearts of the local fans by constantly mixing up their music with electronic elements.

In an interview, Lim shared more about why they play the kinds of music they do: “It is because it has its quality of creation and the feeling that you get on performing. Nothing is as nerve-racking and fulfilling as performing in front of people, sharing our feelings through playing songs.”

Coloura is set to release its first single since 2020 titled “Drive and Meet You” on Sept. 23. The track is the first single from its upcoming EP, “In Between,” which is set to be released sometime in October.