Mega hits one million users in 24 hours

Kim Dotcom has already drawn over a million users to his new cloud storage and file-sharing platform one day after its launch. The Mega site, which was launched on January 20, was such a success that many users were unable to access it over the weekend. 

Kim Dotcom staged a grandiose press conference live on the web on Monday in which he announced that a million users had signed up for Mega in the first 24 hours.

While Mega's innovation claims to be offering the secure encrypted transfer of data, its 50GB data storage offer for each free account is not the only one on the market. Services such as Mediafire offer the same thing but with certain constraints (no files above 200Mb, for example).

Apart from its free offer, there are also three paid memberships available on Mega: Pro I (500GB of storage and 1TB bandwdith for €9.99/month), Pro II (2TB of storage and 4TB bandwidth for €19.99) and Pro III (4TB of storage and 8TB bandwidth for €29.99).

Megabox will be online by the summer

Kim Dotcom also confirmed that Megabox, a music streaming service developed in direct collaboration with artists, will be launched in about six months. The site will offer interaction with social networks and there will be a distinction between user accounts (free and premium) and artists' accounts. Artists will be able to use the service to "manage" their careers. 

Watch the press conference for the Mega launch: