Megawide, City execs award certificates to ambulant vendors

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OFFICIALS of the Megawide Construction Corp. and the Cebu City Government distributed certificates of award to more than 30 ambulant vendors affected by the ongoing development of the Carbon Public Market on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 23, 2021.

Along with this is the unveiling and opening of the Carbon Bagsakan, the first actual development turned over by the Megawide and the City Government.

Louie Ferrer, Megawide’s Infrastructure Development Division executive director, said it took them time to finalize the number of ambulant vendors.

“We have been trying to address the concerns of our ambulant vendors after prioritizing our regular vendors. We presented the design and the stalls to them to assure that they are also being prioritized,” Ferrer said.

Ferrer said it took them quite some time to come with the certificates for the ambulant vendors as the lists provided by the City and by the vendors were conflicting.

He said their list of ambulant vendors entitled for the certificates was finalized in August.

In a separate development, City Market Operations Division (MOD) chief Irvin Cabales clarified that the certificate of recognition that the City and Megawide distributed to stall owners at the Carbon Public Market does not expire after three years, contrary to what some of the stall owners


Cabales met with Councilor Jessica Resch, in Carbon Public Market on Thursday morning, Sept. 23, to resolve an issue raised by Geraldine Antivo, 36, who has been a stall owner in Carbon for 12 years already.

Antivo said she believed that the certificate of recognition would mean that they can use the would-be stalls under the Carbon redevopment program for only three years.

Antivo said she did not receive a notice on the clearing operations that was made on Sept. 12, which resulted in her losing some of her belongings.

Cabales said that they chose Sept. 12 as the date for the clearing operations to be conducted following a consultation and agreement with the vendors. He also clarified that the clearing operations on Sept.

12 was not a demolition, but a part of the process to proceed with the actual construction while they ensure that the vendors are transferred to another place so as not to hamper their daily operations. (WBS)

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