Mendoza: Copy NBA’s good points

Al Mendoza
·2 min read

The show rolls on for the NBA despite the cancellation of the recent Oklahoma-Houston game due to coronavirus issues hitting four Rockets.

That’s toughening it out, courtesy of the world’s No. 1 basketball league. A glass to grit.

For abandoning the bubble binge that the NBA had adopted from July 31 to Oct. 12—superbly successful it was in licking the dread and scare caused by the Covid-19 pandemic—the tournament took a U-turn of sorts in another out-of-the-box approach to waylay the coronavirus.

The move was not only economical but practical as well.

Imagine corralling all of the league’s teams into one place again (only playoffs-bound squads were basically brought to Florida for the NBA restart in July). Huge would be the logistics needed to contain and sustain the entirety of all organizational operations alone covered by the regular season’s 72 games.

This time, the 2020-2021 season will be held in the NBA’s usual venues involving the teams’ own facilities, in the process cutting astronomical expenses on billeting, hotel food and other incidentals.

No more one common venue or another alternate venue as standby as was the case in the bubble at Epcot (Disney World complex) near Orlando, Florida, where the Los Angeles Lakers took home their record-tying 17th overall crown with the Boston Celtics after fashioning out a six-game Finals victory over the Miami Heat.

In back-to-regular-programming mode, the NBA has embraced its old ways but minus the fans yet in keeping with health protocols to avoid the spread of the virus that has already killed more than 1.5 million worldwide. Good job.

Again, it must be incumbent for the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) to closely monitor NBA happenings so that the good points from there may be copied and the bad ones castrated—as in Rocket James Harden’s maskless move at a club that cost him a fine of $50,000 (that’s roughly P2.5 million!).

I like Commissioner Willie Marcial’s idea of anointing Araneta Coliseum as the sole venue for the next season. And fans banned—not even relatives—during games.

All players from home to Big Dome and back. Side trips a no-no too.