Mendoza: Curse clipping Clippers again?

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The Clipper Curse is hounding the Los Angeles Clippers again.

And Paul George, one of their two stars, isn’t concerned.

Also Ty Lue, their rookie coach.

Known for their notorious history of blowing away championship chances—thus, earning the Clipper Curse tag—the Los Angeles Clippers squandered away three chances to win the 2020 Western crown.

The Denver Nuggets rallied last year to author that all-too-familiar Clippers collapse—only to be dismissed, naturally, by the Los Angeles Lakers, 4-1, in the Conference showdown.

As expected, the Lakers went on to win the 2020 title by a 4-2 thumping of the Miami Heat, giving them their 17th overall crown in tying the Boston Celtics in the most number of NBA crowns won.

And although the Lakers struggled in the just-ended regular season due to injuries that sidelined their stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis for no less than 25 games, they somehow managed to sneak into the playoffs.

Pitted against No. 2 Phoenix, the Lakers, falling to a modest seventh in the eight-team playoffs, are 1-1 against the Suns as they’re playing Game

3 while I’m rushing this on Friday to beat that writing tyranny named deadline.

But back to the Clippers.

They play the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday, May 29, 2021, needing a win to come within 2-1 in the NBA’s first-round playoffs.

The Clippers should actually be holding a 2-0 lead but fourth-quarter collapses in the first two games did them in—losing 113-103 and 114-101, respectively.

And when George was asked about his level of concern going into today’s Game 3, his answer was: “There is none.”

Lue’s answer? “I’m not concerned.”

Are they kidding me?

They face the specter of defeat, if not a virtual ouster, and they don’t give a damn?

They might fail to face the winner between Utah and Memphis in the playoffs’ second round and they couldn’t care less?

The Clippers lost their coach, the eminent Doc Rivers, last year after the Curse clipped them out of the equation.

They lose again this year and Lue losing his job isn’t far-fetched.

Owner Steve Ballmer might also see Kawhi Leonard leaving as the two-time NBA Finals MVP becomes a free agent after this season.

Ballmer spent a fortune fixing the roster as well as the front office this year.

In doing so, Ballmer won’t be having a first-round pick until 2027.

And yet, he has already earmarked US$1.2 billion for a Clippers arena projected to open in 2024.

And while the Curse continues to put the Clippers’ life hanging in the balance, the coach and Kawhi’s chief partner George aren’t giving a hoot.

Possessed to the hilt?

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