Mendoza: Flowers in bloom or grass growing?

Al Mendoza

IT IS New Year again.

What is new? Can we be newer than new? Different? Say, treat it as an everyday gadget?

For a change, why don’t we just consider it as another day in the office? Business as usual? Meaning, we don’t celebrate it at all the way we used to? Handle it like one of the five days of the workweek?

Wake up at the break of dawn?

Bow to the alarm clock?

Opps, OK, since it’s a holiday, sleep pa more? Laze around? Have your coffee and toast with your pajamas/duster on? Listen to your favorite music—jazz, pop, rock, R&B, soul, Beatles, whatever?

Rejoice because, for once, you escape the drudgery of office slavery. No eight-to-five “prison”. No grouchy boss to contend with.

Ah, freedom!

You mimic the NBA player’s name: World B. Free. Just for a day

What a difference a day makes.

That’d be a breaking tradition.

That’d be mocking customs.

That’d be going against the grain.

So what?

Once in a while, we disregard regularity if only to make life a bit more interesting.

Eat camaro and not lechon (roast pork).

What is existence if it merely goes in circles all year round?

Streets are there to avoid roundabouts. Cul de sacs, humps, are but reminders of life’s unevenness.

We must also hate routines and love irreverence once in a blue moon or we could go insane strictly following all rules to the letter. The ordinariness of things has also a mystic, beauty, of its own.

Aren’t flowers in bloom as common a sight as the grass growing suddenly after the rain? Nothing spectacular there, except in the manner of appreciating the distinctness of each phenomenon.

You love the flowers more than the blades of grasses?

Maybe. But other eyes see things differently.

Tastes vary too.

Some love beer, others wine. Some love brandy, others whiskey. Some love tequila, others lambanog to die for.

Some love slim, others the plump and not necessarily proper.

So, for a change, be different. Why not greet the New Year with three Hs?

Healthy New Year!

Holy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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