Mendoza: Glorious shot for humanity

Al Mendoza

COMMENDABLE was our national officials’ move to make the Athletes Village in New Clark City as venue to quarantine returning Filipinos from China. Was it Health Secretary Francisco Duque who came up with the idea?

Whoever espoused it, I’d say it is a glorious shot for humanity, to say the least.

With the threat of the novel coronavirus still rending the air with seeming impunity, our countrymen based in Hubei deserve our compassion without any reservation whatsoever. This is the time to show our genuine concern for our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). There is no proof of our love more concrete than this one.

Haven’t we continually called our OFWs modern-day heroes?

Through the years, if not decades, their kind had stupendously helped the economy stay afloat, even grow unstoppably, with their billions of remittances yearly.

Because Hubei province in China is the so-called “epicenter” of the virus also known as 2019-nCoV global epidemic, we must unselfishly extend our arms to assist our hundreds of expats/workers from there upon their return to their homeland.

Clark’s Athletes Village, which was home to some 11,000 participants in the recent Southeast Asian Games, will be their temporary shelter for at least 14 days to avoid possible contagion before they are allowed to go back home to their families. However, if some of them will either fall ill or develop symptoms, they will be brought to a hospital.

More than fair enough.

So, who said the Athletes Village will simply deteriorate into a “white elephant”—wither away—after the Games?

But what irks me is the negative reaction immediately unleashed by the acting mayor of Capas, Tarlac, where the Athletes Village is located, crying: “They should have consulted me first before deciding on the matter.”

Hello? The nerve. What power can do to some ego-trippers.

Sir, the Athletes Village is national property and Capas has no jurisdiction over it.

And, with due respect, mayor, where is your heart?

Or are you objecting because the expats aren’t your voters?

C’mon, give me a break.