Mendoza: Start moving your butts, fellas

Al Mendoza
·2 min read

WE keep hearing of the plan: Include the pros in the Gilas Pilipinas team.

I’m sick and tired of it.

If it’s for the country’s good, do it immediately, please?

Enlisting the pros is a given anytime, akin to saying we definitely need the vaccine as a basic defense against the coronavirus.

Amateur basketball president Al Panlilio and pro hoops commissioner Willie Marcial should co-draft the lineup now for Chrissakes.

The trouble with us, not just sometimes but oftentimes, is we love to yak when it’s common sense to act without delay.

That, instead of action, we talk.

That, instead of moving our butts right off, we blabber.

About time we moved with dispatch. The war isn’t just around the corner. Its nearness is by an ant’s nose. Isn’t the third window of the Fiba Asia Cup qualifiers barely seven weeks away?

Isn’t it supposed to be held in February, with Clark Freeport in Pampanga as the bubble venue?

Thus, by about this time, the team’s composition should have already been known—and been practicing zealously for chemistry and jelling.

But what’s happening? Why are we still talking about the wisdom of pros getting aboard?

That is supposed to be a given from Day One.

If it’s true that we need just one win to advance to the Fiba Asia Cup proper in 2023—and I don’t see any reason why that isn’t true—then, by all means, let’s do it.

Activate the pros quick. That’s leaving nothing to chance.

The pros could tremendously help defeat the South Koreans, our arch-enemies (kontrapelo) for the longest time. Indonesia’s a piece of cake but you can never tell. To be prepared is to be battle-ready.

Start jumping out of your rabbit holes, then.

The SBP, maintainer of Gilas Pilipinas, should be thankful that the PBA, repository of pros, has always been supportive of flag and country causes.

Isn’t it obvious?

For starters, didn’t the PBA move its season opening to April?

The PBA isn’t saying it, but while it’s basically there for sports entertainment, its DNA includes the nation’s interest at all times—a sort of its CSR (corporate social responsibility) commitment since its birth in 1975.

So, stop yakking and get down to work, fellas?

Time is of the essence.