Mendoza: Where do Marcial and Magno belong?

Al Mendoza
·2 min read

Both right and wrong.

That’s what Eumir Marcial and Irish Magno had just done.

The irony is, they both knew, realized, they were wrong.

Before they did it? After they did it? And what have they done again?

Marcial and Magno, our qualified boxers to the Tokyo Olympics set to start in July, aired gripes in public that somehow painted officials in a bad light.

Magno had posted on Facebook about not receiving her allowances for two months.

Marcial, based in Los Angeles, complained of support not arriving since last year.

Of course, allowances come from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

Marcial’s request to have a personal trainer in Los Angeles will never happen as the nation’s boxing body had been insisting all along that Marcial, now a professional, should come home and join his teammates in synchronized training, under amateur’s Olympic boxing rules.

It’d be a different story, however, if the PSC would accede to Marcial’s wishes, which, wisely, it did not.

Remember about the three kinds of persons in Benny Gopez’s book?

The first talks first and next thinks about what he said.

The second thinks first before he opens his mouth.

The third thinks and talks at the same time.

The first one is stupid, the second sensible and the third genius. Where do Marcial and Magno belong?

Marcial’s rant: “If we decide to speak up, we end up in the wrong. Irish deleted her post because she was asked to. Now, I’m going to be wrong, too, for speaking out ...You asked me what I needed over here, but nothing has happened... Our morale’s taking a hit because we’re doing everything just to bag a gold medal. But we are really not having enough support.”

Only the sensible will air this privately.

Magno’s take: “It’s difficult to focus on our Olympic training if you know that your family in the province has barely enough to eat. It’s hard because you’re the only one they rely on. Two months on and we still don’t have our allowances.”

Valid but better, sensibly, if aired privately, too.

Like Marcial, Magno knew this was below-the-belt; otherwise, she would not have deleted it—in a jiffy.

Officials could be at fault too. But which sports brass are we talking about here?

Let’s link them up with Marcial and Magno—and talk matters out inside the board room. Not at Plaza Miranda.