Mercedes Vision AMG concept announced as electric sports car

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Mercedes-AMG recently announced that it's developing a platform on which to build high-performance EVs. Gordon Wagener, Mercedes-Benz's lead designer, has released a sketch that could preview one of the battery-powered cars that will ride on this architecture.

Posting on Instagram, the executive published a photo that shows the outline of a low-slung concept called Vision AMG. We're tempted to say that we're looking at a coupe; we'd be surprised if it's a four-door sedan but crazier things have happened. What's certain is that the silhouette features the proportions we typically associate with a supercar: a short front end, a raked windshield, and a long rear end. Speaking of, the back end is reminiscent of the EQXX concept's, which suggests that aerodynamics played a large role in shaping the car.

Don't expect to find a mid-mounted engine beneath the sheet metal. Official details are few and far between, but Wagener clearly labeled the Vision AMG an "all-electric performance show car." The platform isn't scheduled to enter production until 2025, so Mercedes-AMG has time to fine-tune the concept's drivetrain — assuming it's headed to production, which hasn't been confirmed. It could be merely a design study.

It's still too early to tell what will differentiate AMG's electric platform from one used by Mercedes-Benz. Full details will emerge on May 19, when the architecture and the Vision AMG concept are both scheduled to make their debut.

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