Merrymart to roll out 5,000 MBOX Smart Lockers

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MERRYMART Consumer Corp. seeks to address both customers’ and merchants’ pain points in last mile delivery through the rollout of 5,000 MBOX Smart Lockers by 2030.

An initial 100 Smart Lockers will be rolled out this year in high-density cities, MerryMart branches, commercial centers, LGU halls, condominiums, subdivisions and office buildings across Metro Manila.

The MBOX venture to be formed will become the first business unit under MerryMart’s consumer technology (MTech) portfolio.

MerryMart’s MTech portfolio will consist of consumer technology companies that may be wholly owned by MerryMart’s consumer technology arm or through joint ventures with strategic partners that will bring long-term operating value to each business unit.

MBOX Smart Lockers are a revolutionary system of self-service lockers similar to post office boxes that are accessible 24/7, where customers can collect and drop off packages at their convenience at minimal or no additional cost.

As soon as a package arrives, the locker sends a pickup code via SMS/App notification to alert the receiver.

Packages are delivered to MBOX Smart Lockers by accredited couriers and online sellers. (PR)