Meryll Soriano says sorry to John Lloyd Cruz over "Culion" issue

Heidi Hsia

10 Dec – Meryll Soriano recently expressed her apology to actor John Lloyd Cruz over the issue of "Culion" team using his image to promote the Metro Manila Film Festival entry.

As reported on Inquirer, the "Culion" actress, who spoke to the media at the press conference of the said movie, stated that she understands the actor's discomfort in being used to attract attention by having his cameo being used in the last part of the movie's teaser previously.

It is noted that Cruz previously stated that he felt that putting his face in the teaser was pre-emptive and was the opposite of what he actually agreed on.

"We have to respect what he feels... If he felt hurt in any way by what had happened, I want him to know that it was never intentional. Everyone just got excited to share the fact that he agreed to join me in the movie," she said, referring to the fact that it was Cruz's first film return since his hiatus back in 2017.

Soriano confirmed that she was the one who convinced the actor to join the cast, having worked together in the 2015 movie, "Honor Thy Father".

"I still don't understand what happened because I wasn't part of the production team. I also don't have any authority to say anything because I don't have any first-hand information about it," she added.

Nonetheless, the actress admitted that Cruz's character - though small - was important to the development of her character in the movie.

(Photo Source: Meryll Soriano Instagram)