Metro billboards soon to have gardens?

Kim Arveen Patria
Kim Arveen Patria
Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom
An artist's perspective shows vertical gardens that are required in billboards along EDSA and other main Metro Manila roads under the new rules on outdoor media implemented by the Metro Manila Development Authority. (Photo from MMDA)

Soon enough, billboards along EDSA and other major roads in Metro Manila will also be hanging gardens.

This, as the Metro Manila Development Authority signed new rules on outdoor ads to be followed by advertising firms.

The Metro Manila Outdoor Media Magna Carta requires, among others, that part of billboards’ area be devoted to greenery.

An MMDA statement said “30 percent of the total area of the billboard shall be allotted for a landscape or vertical garden.”

New guidelines also require owners of billboards to plant two full-grown trees in the installation’s setback area.

MMDA meanwhile noted that the agreement “limits the size of all outdoor signs and structures to 216 square meters.”

All signs and structures along EDSA, C-5, and Commonwealth Avenue should also be between 24 and 36 meters from the ground.

For all other areas in Metro Manila, the limits on height shall be determined by local government units, MMDA said.

The Magna Carta, it added, has been crafted together with ad firms “to ensure public safety, orderliness, and uniformity of outdoor billboard structures.

The new policy comes almost a year after the MMDA put up vertical gardens along EDSA, many of them on walls on underpasses.