The Mezzanine Cafe elevates coffee experience at home

Marymil M. Cabrera
·1 min read

DURING the nationwide lockdown, coffee enthusiasts honed their barista skills and got creative with their coffee at home. DIY coffee recipes even took over social media during that time.

Because of this, beverage brands found new inspiration in these trends. Some brands added new options in their menus while others created products that elevated one’s coffee experience at home.

Among the brands that stepped up their game was The Mezzanine Cafe. It launched its Coffee Home Kit during its third anniversary last Feb. 3.

The Coffee Home Kit is a curated coffee kit that comes with two coffee sauces, coffee drip bags, coffee tea bags (ground coffee in a tea bag), and a unique access code for an online library of easy coffee recipes called TMC Home Barista, using the items inside the kit.

Each kit can make 20-25 cups of coffee, and the locally sourced coffee beans are freshly ground at The Mezzanine Cafe to maintain the freshness of the coffee.

The TMC Home Barista is updated every other week so one can choose a variety of coffee recipes such as lattes, brews and frappes without the need for expensive coffee machines and equipment.

Apart from the kit, The Mezzanine Cafe has also been teaching aspiring coffee entrepreneurs in starting a home-based coffee business. Currently, the cafe has students from all over the Philippines. With this course, the cafe teaches them how to start a home-based coffee business from scratch, from developing their coffee business concepts and drafting their coffee business financials up to sales and marketing.

Check out its website for more information.