I might not be home for Christmas

CHRISTMAS season is arguably the most anticipated time of the year for Filipinos. While many parts of the world prepare for Christmas around December, we put up our Christmas decors as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Sept. 1. Excitement for the holidays is not without good reason since families gather and spend quality time with each other. But unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to come home for Christmas.

Medical professionals, law enforcers, retail and mall and even media professionals barely have the time to spend their holidays with their families.

Bus and cab drivers transport the public so they can safely get home in time for Nochebuena. Medical workers treat strangers because illnesses don’t take the holidays off. Police and other public services work on Christmas Eve to ensure the safety of the community. Retail workers extend mall hours so you can shop last minute for that gift your child wanted. Journalists roam the city searching for the latest information to deliver to the public. These are just some of the people who might not be home for Christmas.

For them, it comes with the job. They spend Christmas with their co-workers and sometimes people take comfort in knowing that they won’t totally be alone. In some cases, this is the time when these professionals are needed the most.

But have we ever thought of what the true essence of Christmas is? What is it that we truly celebrate? It’s commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, the arrival of our Savior and the time we should give thanks for the blessings we have received.

This is the time when we should be thankful for the jobs we hold for we get opportunities each day that others could only dream of. For our health, that we are capable of serving others when we are needed the most. For the family we have, patiently waiting for us at home; our grandparents, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren. Christmas is the time we should be thankful for everything we have. (Mark Kevin G. Cordero / Contributor)