Mike taps ex-councilor as traffic board head

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CEBU City Mayor Michael Rama has appointed former city councilor Rico Rey Francis “Koko” Holganza as chairman of the City Traffic Operations Management (Citom) Board.

Rama told reporters Tuesday, June 14, 2022, that he wanted Holganza for the position in order to bring “sanity” to the city’s traffic situation, including educating motorists of their responsibilities.

Another reason why Rama appointed Holganza was due to the former councilor’s “sense of volunteerism and love for Cebu.” After serving as a member of City Council, Holganza was also appointed to the Bureau of Customs as a district collector of the Port of Cebu in 2016.

Rama also divulged that Holganza was supposed to be part of his slate during the May 9, 2022 elections but the latter refused.

Mega Cebu

The mayor added that Holganza will be involved in the technical working group for the Mega Cebu Development Council that will tackle in the development of infrastructures like flyovers and subways that can improve the traffic situation in the city.

Rama expressed his gratitude to Cebu City Representatives-elect Rachel “Cutie” del Mar (Cebu City, North) and Eduardo Rama (Cebu City, South) for their assurance to work together for the realization of the Mega Cebu project.

According to Rama, someone has already shown interest in putting up an intelligent traffic management system in Cebu City. The modern technology includes putting up high-tech cameras that will allow no contact apprehension for traffic violators in the city.

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