Mingla eyes limited ban on 6-wheelers

SIX-WHEELED vehicles or delivery trucks are temporarily banned from passing through the Natalio Bacalso or National Highway in the city of Minglanilla until January 2020. These trucks are not allowed to cross or make any deliveries on N. Bacalso street in the town of Minglanilla from 5:15 am to 9:45 p.m.

The order was issued through the executive order of Minglanilla Mayor Elanito Peña.

However, the order covers only delivery vehicles that will stop at any establishments in Minglanilla to deliver their products. They are allowed to pass through only if they have deliveries in the neighboring city or towns in Minglanilla.

“The executive order does not affect vehicles, regardless of tonnage, which are merely traversing the Natalio Bacalso Avenue along the municipality without stopping in any establishments or businesses located within the municipality of Minglanilla,” Peña said in his order.

In the order, six-wheeled vehicles that deliver products are allowed to pass through the area only from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Cars and buses are excluded.

Peña said this is to help reduce traffic in their town during peak hours, especially this holiday season.

“It has been observed in the past, since the Municipality of Minglanilla serves as the link between the Cities of Cebu and Talisay and all southern cities and municipalities of the Province of Cebu, during the days leading to Christmas Day and New Year’s Day there is a major surge in the volume of vehicles traversing the Natalio Bacalso passing along the municipality causing long hours of vehicular traffic stagnation,” Peña said in a statement.

The temporary ban started last week, Dec. 11, 2019 and will end on Jan. 1, 2020.

Whoever violates, will be meted a penalty under the Minglanilla Traffic Code. Members of the Minglanilla Police Station and staff of the Minglanilla Traffic Commission are tasked to enforce the mandate of the mayor. (FMD, RSR)

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