New Mini EV below the Countryman reportedly debuts this year

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In October 2020, Mini provided the broad strokes of the sea-change overhaul coming to its model lineup. In the meantime, we've seen the coming 2023 Countryman and 2023 Hardtop. But haze still surrounds mentions of two more crossovers, one of them electric-only, and what was in store for the five-door hatch and the Clubman. Now that we're closer to sheetmetal reveals, Autocar believes it understands the rundown. Starting at the top of the range, the Clubman takes a fresh design into its third generation, but not a plug-in hybrid powertrain. For some reason, the PHEV didn't get approval under Mini's Power of Choice strategy to provide model lineups with gas, diesel, PHEV, and electric propulsion options. The Clubman will get an all-electric trim, though, and this is thought to be the "compact" crossover Mini mentioned in 2020. This is expected to debut before the end of this year.

The third-gen Clubman is expected to grow eight inches longer, making more room not only for growing families and consideration among North American buyers, but also for a smaller model to slide underneath. The new, electric-only small crossover whirrs into this space. It will be built in China as part of Spotlight, which is BMW Group's partnership with Chinese automaker Great Wall. No one has said definitively if this CUV will be sold globally, but Mini's revised production plans will have the hardtop and convertible being built in Oxford, England, the Clubman and Clubman moving from the Netherlands plant to Leipzig, Germany, and the automaker's electric models being built in China. It's hard to believe China won't export any of the electric product, especially considering how important both the crossover and EV segments are to Mini. This small electric crossover and the three-door Hardtop EV are moving to a new platform that can house more battery, a crucial aspect for small offerings to address.

The 2023 Hardtop and the small electric CUV are also predicted to debut later this year. it's said the latter won't stick to Mini's retro theme, but sport a "much more radical design." On top of that, Australia's Car Expert reported, "Mini is also set to introduce another premium compact car in an as-yet unrevealed segment, potentially based on the Vision Urbanaut concept."

The Mini four-door (five-door in other markets) and Clubman seem headed for the sunset. Autocar says there's a "high chance" the Clubman and four-door don't go electric, meaning they'll be the misfits in a lineup being shaped for Mini's all-electric future.

There will be a longish wait for the convertible, not expected to reach market until 2025.

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