‘Mini-hospitals’ at SRP for emergencies

THE Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) will set up two “mini-hospitals” at the South Road Properties (SRP) during the Sinulog Festival on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023.

This is on top of the eight staging areas and 21 medical stations that will be installed along the parade route and main venue for the ritual showdown.

CDRRMO head Harold Alcontin said on Thursday, Jan. 5, that the emergency preparedness and response plan of the city government aims to provide a response time within three minutes should an emergency happen during the festival.

The mini-hospitals or medical response unit facility (MRUF) will be placed in the University of the Philippines Professional School and at the Bigfoot Studios.

During a health emergency, responders and medical personnel in the medical station will attend to the patient and provide immediate medical assistance.

Each medical station will be manned by nurses and first responders and will be complete with first-aid medicines and equipment.

But if the emergency responders fail to stabilize the patient, the latter will be immediately brought to the MRUF for further medical assistance, said Alcontin.

Meanwhile, the staging stations will have ambulances, fire trucks and police vehicles that can be readily deployed during an emergency within a few minutes.

According to Alcontin, a total of 22 ambulances will be used.

The Bureau of Fire Protection has already committed to deploy eight fire trucks during the Sinulog festival.

A final meeting among heads of hospitals and medical facilities near the SRP will be conducted in the coming days to discuss additional contingency plans.

The hospitals near the SRP identified by Alcontin are the Cebu South Medical Center in Talisay City, ACE Hospital in Barangay Basak San Nicolas, the Cebu City Medical Center, and the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

“We will conduct a final meeting with the nearest hospitals. In case we have mass casualty, that’s where we will go,” said Alcontin in Cebuano.

Authorities have estimated that at least two million spectators are expected to flock to the Sinulog Festival venue at the SRP.