Minibus tips over in Sogod

TWENTY-SIX passengers were injured, including five in critical condition, after a minibus tipped over in Sitio Sandayong, Barangay Liki in the northern Cebu town of Sogod around 2:30 a.m. Monday, Dec. 2, 2019.

A San Sebastian mini bus was said to have lost its brakes while going down a curvy road while following a bigger Autobus.

After the Autobus’s rear was bumped by the San Sebastian minibus, the latter’s driver Edgar Atendido continued driving so it would not fall off a cliff. The minibus later tipped over.

Both buses were on the southbound lane, moving towards Cebu City.

P/SSg. Raffe Tejares said the Autobus and the San Sebastian minibus were moving fast downhill when the smaller bus suddenly lost its brakes. He said Atendido tried not to maneuver the minibus, so it would go to the northbound lane, which is near the cliff.

While trying to avoid falling off, Atendido failed to evade the Autobus. The injured San Sebastian passengers were rushed to Juan Dosado Memorial Hospital in Sogod, while the passengers in critical condition were transferred to a hospital in Cebu City.

Most of the passengers who suffered minor injuries received treatment and were released afterwards.

Atendido, who was not badly hurt, was detained at the Sogod Police Station pending the filing of charges against him. (GPL, RSR)