Miracle For Knights Of Columbus

MANILA, Philippines - The Knights of Columbus is in need of a miracle in the Philippines, the kind of miracle that will help advance the cause for the beatification of its founder Venerable Father Michael McGivney.

This is one of the reasons the website www.fathermcgivney.ph was launched Friday at the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) building in Intramuros, Manila, so that those who experienced a ''miracle'' through the intercession of McGivney would be able to report them.

''We hope one of the entries there would warrant for a miracle that will catapult him so to speak to beatification,'' Msgr. Pedro Quitorio III, K of C Assistant State Chaplain for Luzon, said in an interview.

In the website, one can read stories of people who claim they received blessings through the intercession of McGivney.

One such story reads: ''Few months ago, our officemate Dolores suffers from a very serious illness. She is confined in a hospital and for almost a week she is unconscious, she is almost dead. And the doctors did not know what kind of illness it was and they called it a viral infection. I read your website from a K of C magazine and I try to send a prayer intention for her and after a week, she woke up and now she reports back to the office. Thanks to Almighty God that He granted my wish through the help of Father McGivney.''

Quitorio, who is also the CBCP Media Director, said they are hoping McGivney can get his sainthood like Saint Marie Eugenie de Jesus Milleret, founder of the Religious of Assumption.

''(Saint Marie Eugenie de Jesus Milleret) became a saint because of a Filipino girl that was healed. With that in mind we are thinking that it's also possible in this case,'' he said.

He is urging all those who received a favor through Father McGivney to report it through the website or at favors@fathermcgivney.ph.

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