Miriam endorses 'young blood' for Senate polls

Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

Vote for younger blood.
This has been Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s message to voters as she endorses the candidacy of Senator Edgardo Angara’s son a week before the 2013  Senatorial polls.

“The Senate needs brilliant and principled young men and women who have a definite vision for the country. I am endorsing (Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo) Sonny Angara because I want young people to be in the Senate,” Santiago said.

“I don't like septuagenarians who are actually campaigning for wheelchairs. I've never loved these characters, who live in the time warp,” she added.
The feisty senator issued the statement during Angara’s visit in her La Vista Subdivision home in Quezon City, criticizing former senators who still want to return to Senate despite their old age.

Santiago, who does not belong to any political party, was referring to former Senate President Ernesto Maceda and former Senator Ramon “Jun” Magsaysay Jr.

The 78-year old Maceda is running for Senate under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) while the 74-year old son of late President Ramon Magsaysay belongs to administration’s Team PNoy.

Former Constabulary chief Ramon Montano, 76, is also running as independent in the 2013 senatorial race.
Maceda, who takes pride in his vast experience for serving in almost 40 positions in the government, ran and lost in the senatorial race during the 2004 national elections.
The former U.S. ambassador has been taking a swipe at young politicians who are joining the senatorial race for the first time.

During the Yahoo! Purple Thumb senatorial forum in Ateneo de Manila University last month, Maceda said younger candidates do not have enough experience and wisdom to deal with country’s pressing problems and issues.

But Santiago defended Angara, who she says exemplifies quality education after earning degrees in University of the Philippines, Harvard University, and the London School of Economics.
“These are some of the world's best universities. With all those trainings, I doubt very much if he can go wrong,” Santiago said.
“He might have different views from me in the future if I stay in the Senate but I'm sure it will only be because of his perfect credibility on the issues that he wishes to espouse,” she stressed.
For his part, Angara said he was “honored, delighted and grateful” for the endorsement.
“An endorsement from Senator Miriam is no ordinary endorsement as she is no ordinary senator,” Angara said.