Miriam throws tantrums, hits 'oration' in impeachment

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago threw tantrums on Wednesday after failing to solicit attention during the sixth day of Chief Justice Renato Corona's impeachment trial.
“You should not treat me as a mere observer, I am a judge. Do not drown me out with your screaming. Only I can scream here and my fellow judges,” Santiago said after she was not recognized while the prosecution ande defense were in the middle of a heated debate.
"Kaya tayo tumatagal, may oration pa eh! This is not a school on oratorical skills. This is a school on logic and experience," the veteran senator and lawyer said.
She earlier stressed the need to hasten the impeachment proceedings saying that “justice delayed is justice denied.”
Santiago was also irked with prosecution panel’s persistent questioning on witness Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares even though her testimonies, according to the senator-judge, were already enough.
“Tapos na itong babaeng ito! May trabaho pa iyan! Pauwiin niyo na iyan!
“Let's just abbreviate the process, mark the documents and call the next witness. She is not the proper witness.
“Bakit pa natin papatagalin ito? Huwag niyo kami pilitin sa ayaw namin gawin!” Santiago lamented.
The senator-judge then warned laweyer Arthur Lim, private prosecutor, “You’re in danger of contempt.”
Netizens expressed their concern for Santiago who just recovered from hypertension which kept her from attending the first week of the trial.
“Hinay hinay lang Sen. Santiago. Ang BP niyo po. High Blood po kayo,” said Twitter user iRuianM.
User johndanvic also said: “Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, ang BP nyo po, baka tumaas.”
“Big day today. In between interviews, my bp shot up, got dizzy & fell. Picking myself up is now my favorite sport,” Santiago said in her official Twitter account on Tuesday.
Fortunately, Santiago’s media relations officer assured in a text interview with Yahoo! Southeast Asia that the senator is doing fine and did not fall this time.

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