Miss Universe Canada wants end to PR team and Michael Cinco feud

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Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco (left) and Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens (right). (Photos: Cedric Ribeiro/Getty Images for FFWD and Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images)
Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco (left) and Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens (right). (Photos: Cedric Ribeiro/Getty Images for FFWD and Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images)

Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens took to social media to address the drama surrounding renowned Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco, the Miss Universe Canada Organization, and her public relations team MGMode Communications.

“I just want to address the feud that recently transpired between my team MGMode and Michael Cinco. Unfortunately, I’ve been made to be involved. I just want to clarify a few things. This really hurts me because I have nothing but love for both parties. They have both helped me in ways that I can’t even count,” the beauty queen said in a video posted on her Instagram account that she later made private.

Copies of the video were re-uploaded elsewhere on social media.

“Michael, I have nothing but love and gratitude towards you. You have created the most beautiful gowns I could even think of. I’ve never once imagined I would work with you because you’re Michael Cinco. The fact that I was able to work with you is honestly a highlight of my career as Miss Universe Canada,” Stevens continued, addressing Cinco directly.

“So I just want you to know that gratitude would never be diminished no matter what. I've expressed that gratitude publicly and privately. ... I will continue and will always be grateful towards you because you have been nothing but kind to me,” she said, disagreeing with Cinco's call out of Miss Universe Canada Organization and MGMode.

“How can I not be thankful? It just boggles my mind that my gratitude would even be in question,” the 26-year-old beauty queen also added, saying she has always expressed her gratitude toward those who helped her during the Miss Universe pageant.

“This really breaks my heart because I loved you both so much and you both helped me in many ways that I cannot even imagine,” Stevens said.

“Working with Michael Cinco, that’s once-in-a-lifetime. Not everyone gets the opportunity. And I will forever be grateful,” Stevens added.

Stevens concluded her video by asking the bickering parties to end the fighting.

“I just want you guys to stop fighting. I want this to be taken privately, I don’t think you are both deserving of this, it’s not fair for all of your hard work. I don’t want anyone to question your integrity because I stand behind all of you. I think you are all creative individuals," she said.

“So for all of you online, please don’t get into the drama. It’s not worth it. Let’s not spread more negativity, let’s spread love,” she told fans, urging them to stop spreading negativity.

An angry Cinco earlier said he has been "used and scammed" by Miss Canada team in a lengthy post slamming them as "ungrateful" and "professional users".

A second Filipino designer, Rian Fernandez, backed up Cinco's unpleasant incident by recalling his own "dreadful experience" at the hands of Miss Canada Organization. He said he "cannot be silent anymore" after Cinco's call out.

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