Missing hotel owner’s dead body finally found in septic tank in Camarines Sur

The body of a 70-year-old businessman who has been missing for nine days was found in the septic tank of his own hotel in Daet, Camarines Sur today.

Emilio Aytona Jr. was allegedly killed by his employee, identified as Nestor Quiñones, 54, who had been working at the hotel for seven years.

Lt. Col. Joel Quintero, Daet’s chief of police, told ABS-CBN News that they allegedly saw how Aytona was killed from the CCTV footage taken from the hotel.

“He was hit on the face. The weapon used to kill him was a steel pipe,” Quintero said. “That’s what the suspect also confessed to us. The problem is we can’t find the pipe because it was removed from the crime scene.”

Quiñones gave an interview to Abante TNT in which he said he and Aytona had been arguing over how a ceiling at the hotel should be constructed.

“He pushed me [during the argument] and I saw this pipe; I hit him three times with it,” the suspect said. After his boss lost consciousness, Quiñones tied a nylon rope around Aytona’s body and dragged him to the septic tank.

Instead of fleeing, Quiñones continued working in the hotel as if nothing had happened, but he was ultimately arrested when Aytona’s body and the CCTV footage were found.

Aytona’s family has declined to give a statement to the media about the crime. Quiñones, meanwhile, will be charged with murder.


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