Mixed-Media exhibit empowers women artist

Michael Rey M. Cortes

MEN and women have had certain roles in society before and these were specified among them depending on what that particular gender is known to be capable of doing. While a lot of people before deemed this way of life and practice to be the right and ethical thing to do, the new era suggests changing this kind of perception. Over the years, generations have produced new breeds of men and women. With this in mind, an exhibit aims to break the stereotypes of women.

In a student-run gallery of the University of the Philippines Cebu - The Joya Gallery opened a group exhibit, “Mapunayong Tinguha (Persistence of Purpose)” by the all-women collective, Bayin last October 4. The Bayin is composed of female artists from different areas in Visayas. Some of these artists still came from far regions to exhibit their artworks.

Apparently, the number of men artists is greater than women. Having said that, this exhibition showcases various artworks created by women that strongly depict women empowerment and feminism. It propounds that women are not just objects of art but also solid-willed artists who have their own visual perspectives that can challenge every speculator.

Thought-provoking paintings that will leave you staring for minutes were on display. The artists used different kinds of media to create their painted masterpieces. Among the gallery were artistically modified dolls, creative embroideries, origami and other crafts.

Women exhibitors from different areas in Visayas explained the interpretation of their works. These women are a mix of mothers, wives of artist husbands and art professionals. Elder exhibitors also proved that age does not decay “artisanship”.

This is the fourth exhibit of Bayin. The group wants to invite and encourage women to showcase their artworks and exhibit with them. The exhibit runs until the 31st of October and is open for public viewing on weekdays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.