Mixt it up

Cassandra C. Poculan
·3 min read

CEBU may be far from being a land of chronic salad consumers and detox drinks, but there’s no denying that more and more people have been testing the waters of vegetarianism and even veganism.

Salads are a safe start as there are pre-picked and do-it-yourself (DIY) options and there’s something to suit all tastes. Cebu also has an abundant supply of insanely fresh produce, making it easier for businesses old and new to create crave-worthy bowls.

Where salads are concerned, Mixt Salad Bar pulls out all the stops to provide Cebuanos with reliable, sustainably sourced food that’s meant to nourish. Not all salads are created equal and Mixt understands that if one is to stick a forkful of veggies in his mouth at once, it might as well be a salad that isn’t sad and bland.

The kind of salads that could constitute an entire meal is what people can expect from Mixt.

Founded by business partners Dr. Journey Joyce Yamyamin and chef Noel Daigo Jr., Mixt is committed to empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle by improving their eating habits and food choices.

“In 2014, I had been creating ‘healthy meals’ as my ‘baon’ during internship and a lot of my colleagues tried it and asked if I could make one for them too. It became a mini business but only for a short time because I got really busy. It only came back to life due to the pandemic. I met Chef Noel while volunteering in a local charity group as he also volunteered to cook meals for the frontliners and the homeless people in Cebu City. Being unemployed because of the closure of the restaurant where he was working as a head chef, he came up to me with a business proposal and together we came up with something close to our hearts—good food, healthy lifestyle and sustainability,” Joyce shared.

“The concept was to create healthy gourmet salads without sacrificing quality—taste, nutrition and aesthetics-wise. Mixt (mixed) has the perfect mix(t) of all these qualities in a salad,” she added.

The calorie-counted gourmet salads use top-shelf ingredients, are presented in an artful manner and are consciously packed in eco-friendly boxes made of sugarcane pulp and bamboo material.

“Overall, we want people to enjoy salad not only because it’s healthy but because it tastes really good,” Joyce said.

The Caesar salad is a must-try with Mixt’s own Caesar dressing and add-ons like moringa pesto chicken and grilled Cajun shrimp.

The tuna salad is just as protein-packed with seared ahi tuna and bursting with flavors and textures thanks to French beans, boiled marble potatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes, crispy hen’s egg and homemade honey mustard dressing.

DIY bowls are also on offer so customers can choose their base of greens, protein, cheese and dressing, plus some more add-ons like green apple, kiwi, pearl onions and corn kernels, among others.

Rest assured everything tastes like it was plucked that very same day.

Mixt is working on a new menu that includes premium steaks on its salads and keto and vegan salads.

“In the next few years, it would be really exciting to see a physical store with perhaps a farm in the backyard. We really want the farm-to-table setting,” Joyce said.

Orders can be placed through Mixt Salad Bar’s Facebook and Instagram pages.