Mobile apps for better mental health

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WITH all the changes in the world that have happened while living through this pandemic, more and more people are coming forward about their mental health issues and experiences with mental illness and disorder.

Celebrities like Nadine Lustre, Liza Soberano, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Lovato, Chrissy Teigen and Lady Gaga are a few of the many stars who have used their influence in raising awareness about mental health.

Though one of the most suggested ways to clear your mind is to take a break from the internet, or better yet, a break from your gadget (which is easier said than done), why not make your screen time worthwhile instead?

Here are some user-friendly apps that will help you clear your headspace and are available in iOS and Android.

Note: These mobile apps are not a substitute for professional care.


You’ve surely come across this app’s sponsored content on your Instagram story featuring Harry Styles’ soothing voice. Calm promotes better sleep, lower stress and less anxiety through its unique audio content that steps up mental fitness, and discusses some of the biggest mental health struggles of today: stress, insomnia and depression. The app’s one-of-a-kind content includes guided meditations, breathing programs, stretching exercises, relaxing music and bedtime stories hosted by well-known talents such as Stephen Fry, Leona Lewis, Harry Styles and Matthew McConaughey.


Trusted by doctors and therapists as a safe way to look after your mental health, Cove allows you to express your emotions and be creative through music. You can pick a mood, tap to add chords, percussion or melody, and in just one swipe, you can change an instrument. This music journal app was developed with young people in mind, but adults may find it equally useful to express and capture their mood or emotion.


When you need a moment of distraction, hang loose and play relaxation games on this app with over 50 “toys” you can virtually play with: Play with wooden boxes. Swipe your finger gently in the water. Draw with chalks. Hear the sound of bamboo chimes. Get some dirty windows to clean, and many more.

Lumosity Mind

This science-driven mindfulness practice app helps you discover clarity, calm, focus and more—offering daily meditations and cognitive games that are based on your interests, and experiences to help you gain attention and relaxation. The app adapted age-old techniques of mental training into easy-to-learn exercises, and it provides hundreds of sessions designed to teach you how to handle the emotional pressures of your everyday life.


MoodMission asks how you’re feeling and will give you a tailored list of five missions, which can help you feel better and improve your well-being, based on your answers. The missions are mental health strategies that are quick, easily achievable and backed by scientific evidence. These include mindful meditations, exercise and fitness activities, and relaxation. This evidence-based app is designed to empower you to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression by discovering new and better ways of coping.

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