Modern classic goes art deco

Elizabeth Arden New York Beauty Collection

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is one of the beauty industry’s most iconic and also best-selling products.

Invented in 1930 by Mrs Arden herself, the multi-purpose cream was originally created to treat scratches on her treasured race horses.

It was soon discovered that the healing properties of the product also worked well on dry skin, mild sunburn and especially on chapped lips.

The apricot paste soon became an everyday staple in the handbag of many women and, today, beauty editors all over the world swear by it.

In the modern formulation you can find tocopherol (antioxidant) and salicylic acid (mildly exfoliating, preventing clogged pores) amongst the ingredients, but it is mostly petrolatum (skin-soothing semi-solid) that gives the famous cream its healing properties.

More than 80 years since the original creation of the Eight Hour Cream, Team Elizabeth Arden is set to release a limited edition of the iconic beauty product.

Inspired by the city that Elizabeth Arden called home and its art deco architecture, New York Beauty Collection will be released in October.

Three of the products, (Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, Original or Fragrance Free, and Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment) are golden oldies, while the Lip Protectant Gloss with sunscreen and Vitamin E is an all-new product.

Why not take the opportunity to stock up on the upgraded version of an old favourite?

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