Moira dela Torre explains nose damage

Heidi Hsia

16 Aug – Moira dela Torre recently decided to clarify once and for all the cause for her broken nose.

As reported on Push, the singer, who spoke about the issue at the press conference of her upcoming concert, shared that she is currently recovering, after her nose went on necrosis.

"Well, basically, something went wrong. And my nose went on necrosis. And it was a very simple procedure. It's non-invasive. But it went wrong. We didn't respond immediately because we had no idea what was happening," she said.

dela Torre stated that at the time, she was at high risk of several health issues including blindness, aneurysm, and heart attack.

Following the incident, the singer said that she had to recuperate at home for three months.

"But I'm better now. God is Good. I'm 85 percent healed but I'm 100 percent healed internally. I feel like this whole season made me so much better," she said.

At the same time, dela Torre said that she will not file a case against the medical practitioner involved, saying that she knows that the person didn't mean to injure her in such a way.

(Photo Source: Moira dela Torre Instagram)