MoisesL: Uncontrollable

Improving oneself can be the most frustrating part of our life, and an especially frustrating thing is one’s impulses. What adds on to the hardship is the fact that the impulses seem uncontrollable. Whether it be spending, time management, or bad habits, managing can be a challenge. Despite it being an arduous task, with support and consistent effort, overcoming one’s most self-hindering compulsion is possible.

Firstly, one must set realistic goals that assist in the growth, and to be able to do that, one must know oneself. One of the Three Factors of Human Success that tells us who oneself is is Heaven luck. Heaven Luck can tell us what characteristics and traits someone has. By being aware of one’s Heaven Luck, one is able to plan and act accordingly and specific to the qualities of oneself and grow on the path of least resistance.

It is important to personalize each and any strategy one may have for self-improvement. Despite many people having similar struggles, the cause, gravity and the effects of it can be unique to the person who experiences it. While knowing our Heaven Luck may aid us in planning, our hard work, which is also called Man Luck, is what makes it happen. By utilizing our Man Luck, another Factor of Human Success with our Heaven Luck, one is able to grow the way one wants to.

Another Factor to consider is one’s environment, which is the last factor of Human Success called Earth Luck. Our environment can be something that aids us or goes against us as one could encourage us to grow while others hinder us. It is important to surround oneself with people who support us to overcome oneself so that one grows healthily and happily. Oftentimes, it is us that bring us down and make it tough to move forward, but with the assistance of good people and places, one is able to find the strength to move forward.

Many things in life feel uncontrollable and unchangeable, but another thing that is uncontrollable is humanity’s drive to grow. Despite what our negative traits may make us feel, they are manageable and controllable unlike our intense desire to grow and be better than yesterday. Although growth may come at different speeds, with consistency, support and our never ending drive to be better, we will reach greater heights and be better people.